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Barbecue whisky sauce - Milion smaków
Barbecue whisky sauce
BBQ sauce is a classic position in American cuisine and well-known sauce all over the world. It's hard to imagine grill season without it.
The characteristic taste - slightly spicy, slightly sweet with a hint of spices and strongly noticeable tomato is a great addition to almost all meats and sandwiches.
This version is an aromatic homemade whiskey-based sauce.

Author: Michał@MilionSmaków, Jan 4 2015 11:46AM
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Dill sauce - Milion smaków
Dill sauce
Very easy to prepare dill sauce – suitable for many different dishes based on rice and for meatballs or soy cutlets as well.
Author: Kasia@MilionSmaków, Oct 14 2013 10:37PM
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